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When Should You Stop Swaddling Your Baby

When Should You Stop Swaddling Your Baby

Many newborn babies like to be wrapped in a towel because they feel safe to be wrapped. However, when your child has developed fully physically and mentally. you will have to remove this “protective layer” and let him have more exposure to his surroundings.

Swaddling is a method used around the world to help babies sleep better and help them feel secure. Many people even believe that swaddling a baby in a towel will help relieve cramping. However, the baby does not depend too long on the towel to get a good night’s sleep. By the time she was 2 months old, she was able to help her child to remove this protective layer. In order for your baby to get used to sleeping without a towel around her, she should slowly start following the steps below.

At 1 month of age

When the baby was 1 month old, you started cutting down the time of sleeping with towels. As soon as your baby wakes up, remove the towel so that he or she doesn’t feel like they need a towel. In addition, leaving the limbs free will promote the development of fine motor skills and fine motor skills.

In fact, diapering a newborn baby while still in the month helps both mother and child to rest more. It also helps your baby feel safe, away from the risk of colic and helps her warm. But parents should definitely not swaddle the baby so diapers should only be applied at a specific time only.

Usually, in the first weeks of life, your baby will be able to feel more comfortable when they are swaddled to keep warm. Because then they will feel safe, and they will no longer be scared of the baby’s startled reflexes. But the diaper should only be maintained for the first month or longer, then the mother should consider reducing the amount of time you swaddle your baby.

Observe your baby reaction

When a baby is one month old or older, it is still a good idea for a baby to keep a diaper at night for the mother to maintain. Mother can still swaddle her baby whenever she sleeps. But during the waking hours, the mother should not swaddle the baby, but let him wear clothes to comfort him to play.

Babies at this age often begin to approach things they can feel like their parents’ skin, the softness of their blankets, and everything new in their own environment and world. In general, children of this age often learn and communicate through contact. And for this process to develop optimally in your baby, your mother knows to stop swaddling the baby at the right time.

When the baby was very young, the baby liked to lie in a warm, warm towel, but after a while, the baby did not like this attachment anymore. You can observe your baby’s development to know when he or she is no longer suitable for bandanas. That is when the baby begins to move more when sleeping like rolling back and forth, kicking, beating … Many mothers choose the time after the baby turns to stop using towels. The simplest way is to see if the mother is uncomfortable, struggling and crying a lot when she is wrapped in a towel.

Slowly loosen the wrap

First, you leave one arm of the baby outside and comfortable movement when sleeping. When you see your baby can sleep well with one hand outside, after a few days, you can leave both hands free from the towel. Next is the legs and the whole body

A baby who has been swaddled for too long can actually make them passive by limiting their normal development. Because when swaddled, your baby will not be rocking and playing in the way they want. While at one month of age, your baby is learning how to move and control the body. This is a prerequisite step for your child to get acquainted, collect data, and then will begin to walk tidily.

Most babies are more than 1 month old, they will often tell their parents that they do not like swaddling anymore by showing crying. Therefore, when babies are 1 month old, parents should stop diapering their babies as they were during the month.

Although wearing a towel may help with the sleep of the baby, mothers should pay attention to avoid the harmful effects below:

Choking risk

If the cloth is too loose, it may burst, cover the baby’s face and cause suffocation.

Stuffy and dislocated hot hip

If the blanket is wrapped too tightly, your baby can be hot leading to crying or fever. In addition, this can also lead to dislocated hip joints.

Obstructing the lungs

Wrapping the baby too tightly makes breathing difficult. In particular, the lungs cannot get enough oxygen because the wrap makes it difficult for the baby’s chest to move.

Baby is not warm enough

When the baby is cold, it is best for the mother should not wrap the baby, because limbs make it difficult for the baby to operate and from there, it is difficult to warm the body.